Animation & Motion Graphics
The below videos all have sound
The Access Group - Dimensions 3.0
The Access Group is one of the leading providers of business management software to small and mid-sized organisations in the UK, Ireland, and Asia Pacific. They help over 100,000 customers across commercial and not-for-profit sectors become more productive and efficient.​​​​​​​
I worked with Joanne at The Access Group on an animation for a new piece of software they were releasing. We discussed many approaches but to help it stand out from their previous work I based this on the 'designed by Apple' animation. The result was a beautiful, clean and different animation which was carried across several more assets in the campaign.
The Access Group - Group marketing animation/video
I collaborated with the dynamic creative team at Access to craft a compelling video highlighting their accomplishments throughout the financial year. This engaging piece, showcased at multiple on-site events, seamlessly blended animation, video footage, and meticulously curated music. This project was one among a collection of videos I created to enhance their presence across various events.
The Access Group - HostinHero's
I worked with Aadil at The Access Group to create an animation for a new campaign. He wanted this to stand out and help emphasise the superhero part of the campaign. So we worked together to create this comic book style animation.
Experian - Onboarding
Experian work to turn data into something meaningful. Gathering, analysing, combining and processing data to help people and organisations achieve their goals – whether that means planning for a secure future or getting to know your customers better.
I worked with Experian to create an animation for their digital onboarding solution. They wanted a clean, simple and informative animation to so how their software can help you achieve an enhanced customer experience, whilst ensuring compliance around regulatory checks and risk mitigation. 
Experian - Pensions
I worked with Experian to create an animation to showcase their creation of a Pensions Dashboard allowing consumers the opportunity not only to view, but also consolidate, their pension information for ease of use and understanding.
Pressac - Event Video
Pressac design and manufacture smart-building sensor technology. Helping millions of businesses and consumers worldwide to connect their buildings and equipment to the network, enabling them to talk to applications, automatically and in real time.
I worked with Experian to create a video with motion graphics for their annual event. This would be shown on large displays built into their stand which I also helped design for them.

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